Saturday, November 22, 2008

One Protein Scoop Over the Line.

"You know, it's the funniest thing-- after Paul puked up his Tingleberry Smoothie all over my chest and face, he like really started to open up.  About his cousin's suicide.  His fears of testicular cancer.  His crippling childhood abuse...  Anyway, long-story-short: that's why I like to say, Tingleberry's why we got married!  Ah-hahahahaha!!"

"We Told Her We'd Stop Whenever She Said So."

This was NOT how their office holiday party was supposed to end.  Not again.

Pride in Aleutians.

He didn't give a goddamn about the "Lower 48ers" and their f-ing election.  Never had, never would.  He was gonna be there.  At the airport.  When the Governor's plane landed.  He was gonna be there to shake her hand.

The Kraken Wears Prada.

"Well, I guess this means you're finally starting to get it," he sneered.  "I mean, how many times do we have to go over this, Perseus?  Look, I know you're new here, but, I have to say, seriously, honestly, no really, I'm sorry, but how hard could it possibly be to procure a Gorgon's head?  It's a simple request.  Twice a week.  And that's really all I ask of you, isn't it?"

The Long Goodbye.

We've come this far together, thought Pimba, as she held Colonel Feathersworth one last time.  They'd followed the powerlines North until they reached the city.  But they both knew Pimba had to go it alone now.  He'd only slow her down.  

...damn it all, she'd make it to Hollywood for both of them.