Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Robots You Can Believe In.

Right in the middle of the Inauguration, Barack suddenly thought of the moment it all started: his 10th birthday, when he'd asked the robot if he could wish for anything.  And the robot had said: "Yes you can."  
Well... well, I guess the midget inside the robot anyway...

If You Want to Know What She'll Look Like in 30 Years...

Ralph braced himself as he went to open the door, long enough to plaster on the fake smile he reserved for Holly's mother.  
"Morag, you're looking lovely this--" 
"Save it," she barked, pushing her way in.  
Great.  It was going to be one of those visits.

The End of the Affair.

God, he couldn't even look at her.  It had started off innocently enough.  She worked at Starbucks.  She made a joke about the size of his Americano.  She liked it rough in bed.  Why did he always go for the ones he didn't have to respect?

Nature vs. Nurture.

He could never admit to anyone that he still thought of the bear sometimes, and always right in the middle of sex with Debbie.